Media Relations & Training
02 August 2016

Media Relations & Training

Do you find the prospect of dealing with the media or facing an interview a nerve-racking necessity of business? Media relations can be a frightening mystery to the unprepared.

Possibly the most powerful asset of Hensley Fontana is our relationship and ability to communicate with media in any industry.  Each principal is a former and/or current journalist of some fashion.

We hold time-earned knowledge of what each medium, editor, reporter, videographer, and blogger wants and how they want it, positioning ourselves as consistently reputable resources that help the media do their jobs.  We pitch only stories that are newsworthy, timely and true; this integrity solidifies our positive media relations.

Consequently, we train our clients how to deal with the media effectively, as they are ultimately the ones accountable to and a resource for these mediums. This media training and interview preparation is dynamic, interactive, and highly beneficial -- a must for anyone who will, wants, or needs to work with the news media – and can be geared to individuals, businesses, and organizations of all sizes.

We strive to enable our clients to:

  • Prepare for interviews.
  • Answer inquiries.
  • Field tough questions.
  • Act under pressure.
  • Promote their business.
  • Successfully handle a media interview.
  • Respond to a crisis or adverse publicity.
  • Build positive, ongoing media relationships.

Informal group seminars with live or recorded mock interviews can be particularly effective means of media training.  Many evolve into a “how should I have handled this situation?” scenario, which sparks lively participant response and discussion.

Contact us if you have the need and desire to develop effective media relationships, interact with poise and confidence, and turn this aspect of marketing into a positive, productive experience.

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